And so the adventure begins: Graduation Guestbook, Blue, a keepsake memory book to treasure forever, (fill in advice & wishes cards style.)

Price: $9.99

Who wants a book filled with your family & friends contact details with generic messages, thats what social media and our phones are for!

This guest book is designed to be something that you can look at over the years to and will bring a smile to your face each & every time.

  • Each page has simple prompts for the guests to fill out, making sure to guide them to write something unique, as sometimes it can be hard to write something meaningful on the spot!
  • Space for up to 100 guests
  • Size- 8.25 x 8.25
  • Soft Matte cover for a luxurious feel
  • Advice and wishes card style

Prompts include things such as

Be prepared to…..


Always remember…..

Be open to…..

Surround yourself with…..

For more cover designs click on the author title ” Coddi Womple

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