Class of 2019: Purple & Pink Graduation Book: Graduation Guest Book, college university or high school graduate memory book or scrapbook. 2019 Graduation Guestbook (8.5×8.5, unlined pages)

Price: $6.99

2019 Graduation Book Features:

  • Size: 8.5″ x 8.5″ inch
    (21.6cm x 21.6cm,  or 215.9mm x 215.9mm)
  • Paper: Blank pages, with “Class of 2019” on the top of each page (unlined, unruled, plain pages)
  • Pages: 120 pages (60 spreads)
  • Cover: Paperback with matte cover
  • Binding: Perfect bound

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More About This Product:

This large gradation book is a nice large 8.5 x 8.5 inch size, and is intentially mostly blank to allow you the freedom to use it for many possible uses. Some possible uses this book could have include:

  • Graduation Party Guest Book for guests to sign at grad parties, like a guest registry or party log book. This could be one of your party supplies
    Tip: If using as a graduation guest book, you can leave a note besides the book with ideas to help guide guests with what to write. Things you can suggest they can write include:
    – Name, – contact details for ways to stay in touch, – wishes for the future, – messages, – comments, – memories together, – quotes, – sayings, – jokes, – doodles – or anything else they may like!
  • Classroom Graduation guestbook for classmates to use as a message book.
  • Graduation memory book or keepsake book for high school graduates and other grads to record the events and milestones of their years of study.
  • Graduation scrapbook for college or university grads
  • Signature book or Autograph book for graduation, for your teachers, friernds and families to sign.

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About the design: The design features a classic graduate’s cap, the famous mortarboard hat with tassel, in a stylish black silhouette design on a watercolor paint wash pink and purple background of pastel pink & lilac purple. The pink color scheme may make this particularly popular for girls and for women. Stars and streamer swirls give a celebratory feel in line with the congratulatory nature of graduating. Streamers are a great way to say “Congratulations!”. The congrats stars and swirls may also appeal to fans of magic and fantasy.

Suitable for graduates of all ages. The bright fun colors make it suitable even for young kids and children from kindergarten graduation, preschool graduation, as well as for young adults celebrating their high school graduation to college graduation and university graduation.

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