Cool Advent Calendars (A special Christmas advent calendar with 25 advent houses – All you need to celebrate advent): An alternative special Christmas … using 25 fillable DIY decorated paper houses

Price: $11.95

This book has 25 full-color 3D houses to create a special and memorable advent calendar for kids. Once complete a little village is created each with a numbered house. Gifts, small surprises or candy can be placed inside each house to open each day as Christmas approaches. Once made the village can be reused as an advent calendar year on year, can be turned into a wall hanging Christmas decoration or used to decorate Christmas trees.


The price of this book includes permission to download 3 other books in the series in a PDF format. (RRP $23.97. Details about a) how PDFs can be downloaded and b) where the password can be found are inside this book.


Bonus downloads included in the price of the book

  • 3D cars $9.99, by James Manning
  • Paper Town $8.99 by James Manning
  • Christmas Coloring Book $3.99 by James Manning


Book Features


  • Soft bound
  • Templates for each house can be printed using the PDFs provided. This means that parents and teachers can print out multiple worksheets on thicker paper if required.
  • 25 full-color Christmas houses
  • Houses can make excellent Christmas tree decorations
  • 8.5 inches by 11.0 inches
  • 200gms cover
  • Makes an excellent gift


Password for PDF downloads is located on page 16

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