Diary of a Wizard Kid 1 & 2: This should not be happening to a regular dude!

Price: $8.99

Available for the first time in one hilarious volume, this first edition paperback contains Diary of a Wizard Kid and Diary of a Wizard Kid 2! Okay. I know what you must be thinking. But I’m not that guy. My name doesn’t even rhyme with rotter. It’s Jimmy Drummer. And all I’ve got in common with that guy is we’re both wizards. I mean, I didn’t even want to be a wizard. Anyway, I got to thinking, there must be a world of kids out there who think going to wizard school over in England would be super cool. Well, if you’re one of those kids, I’ve got three words for you right off the bat: ‘pointy hat’ and ‘broomstick’. You ever caught a reflection of yourself sweeping a classroom in a pointy hat? It’s no joke I can tell you. You still think being a wizard would be cool? Well, stick around because you haven’t heard nothing yet. No word of a lie, you’re about to experience the craziest adventure a regular dude has EVER had …

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