Follow Your Dreams They Know The Way – Mid Year Academic Teacher Diary With Schedules, Trackers. Logs, Reports, Goal Setting & Positive Quotes

Price: $9.99

Are you a perpetual planner? A panic planner? A somewhere in between planner – we’ve got you covered with our best academic 12 month Teacher’s Journal Planner – a hybrid, designed for teachers with heart.

Think of it as a vintage gadget or a pre app app. Drumroll… A Perfect Paper Planner

Space for your:

✔️ 1st July 2019 to 31st July 2020 with floral design

✔️ Daily – Weekly – Monthly even Yearly Plans, Goals & Gratitude’s (the important stuff)

✔️ Doodles, Creative urges and time to travel (interesting stuff)

✔️ Your Forget me knots and Test Reports (urgent stuff)

✔️ Weekly Assignments, Monthly Assignments, Missing Assignment Log (essential stuff)

✔️ Blank pages for downloading thoughts & dreams (distracting stuff)

✔️ As you move towards the relaxation of summer holidays you can prepare with Watch to Watch, Playlist Tunes & Side Hustles (soulful stuff)

✔️ ALL designed to help you Buckle up, Knuckle down and Do it ALL with happiness and peace of mind.

A Lit Zen mechanic to jump start your productivity.

This academic journal is a great gift for teachers. Comes with an ✔️ absolute guarantee of recipient gratefulness!


✔️ Inspirational quotes

✔️ Weekly Teacher’s Assignment Tracker

✔️ Monthly Teacher’s Assignment Tracker

✔️ Missing Teacher’s Assignment Log

✔️ Teacher’s Test Report

✔️ Goal setting and Gratitude Journaling

✔️ Blank pages

✔️ Year at a glance pages for 2019 and 2020

✔️ 12 months’ worth of creative planning and journaling space

✔️ What to Watch – keep track of all the those ‘you must watch’

✔️ Playlist Tunes – hear it, love it = remember that tune and + it to your playlist

✔️ Side Hustles – hobbies, interests can all lead to holiday $$, do something you love

✔️ Time to Travel – researched destinations guarantee holiday bliss!

Plastic and paraben free, making you an earth loving rebel for life sans the obligatory cape and tights

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