Gun Digest 2019

Price: $36.99

The definitive resource for firearms enthusiasts, Gun Digest is the firearm industry’s answer to an annual report to customers. Gain all the latest trend information through product reports from top-name authorities, and access to a one-of-a-kind catalog index–with exhaustive illustrations–of major and lesser-known brands of firearms. This book is the definitive resource for the shooting sportsman and arms enthusiast.
Extensive editorial by some of the world’s most recognized firearms and ammunition authorities carries carefully researched articles on a wide array of interesting aspects of the shooting sports, including historical perspectives, testing, and real-world use tales, and annual reports on the latest trends in guns, ammo, reloading components, and optics. Contributing editors provide annual reports of new product news in the major firearms categories. The illustrated arms and accessory catalog, updated each year, carries the latest listings, specifications and prices, and an extensive web directory of firearms and related product manufacturers has become a go-to reference source for Gun Digest readers everywhere.
This superior guide features 256 color pages that highlight product reports and advancements in the firearms field. Gun Digest encompasses all the firearm details shooters and collectors are looking for.

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