Masonic Diary 2018-2019: Pocket Calendar 2018-2019, Week to View (September to August) Diary Planner (4×6 inch) (Clark Diaries & Journals)

Price: $6.99

This 2018-19 weekly masonic diary will make you the envy of your lodge meetings!

As a 4 by 6 inch diary it will fit into the inside pocket of your nicest suit jacket for that important night out.

Never forget an important date. Whip it out at a meeting and impress your Freemason friends with this tabbed diary which runs from the Masonic calendar year, (September 2018 to August 2019).

The cover boasts the freemason symbols of a square and compass on both the front and back.

What to expect:

> 4 x 6 inch size (fits most suit and shirt pockets)
> 365 days, 7 days over two pages in a weekly spread
> A small notes section in each week
> Covers the Masonic year from September 2018 to August 2019
>Tabbed months to help you find your lodge meetings quickly and more easily
> Square and compass on the cover

Check out the ‘Look Inside’ option at the top of this page to see what it looks like.

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