Move On! (2020-2021)

Price: $14.99

Move onDealing with disappointments isn’t easy. Getting over disappointments and moving ahead is even more difficult. There’s anguish, heartbreak, sadness, burnt bridges, broken relationships and so much more to deal with. When everything seems to have turned to dust – it’s time to move on because life is lived forwards. So we have to move on. We have to get going. “Move On” is a two year (2020-2021) weekly planner that helps you do precisely that. Plan, strategise and rise again. Because that’s what winners do. Use “Move On” as a way of coping with disappointments and getting your mind to focus on the more essential aspects of life. Gift it to your loved ones as a message – that they have to focus on healing themselves, on rebuilding their lives, on realigning their priorities. That they have to rise again.

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